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Visit to Sha'arei Shalom
Members of Temple Emanuel visit Sha’arei Shalom Synagogue in St. Petersburg, Russia for Erev Shabbat Service. July 2014.

Travelling together is a very special experience for the members of Temple Emanuel. We don’t do it too often, but every single journey is an experience of a lifetime. This page is dedicated to our journeys – both past and future.

TE Goes to Russia (July 2014)

From Russia with love We’re back!  Twenty-seven exhausted, happy and deeply impressed travelers left Lithuania on Thursday 7/24.  The trip led by Michael Farbman and Olga Marcus included Fran and Steve  Grodzinsky, Wendy and Will Sherman, Chris and Monte Radler, Anne and Larry Eisner, Joan and Alan Kliger, Marilyn Fischman, Jo-Anna and Steve Fischman, Rita Brieger, Bess Chosak, Lynne Maser, … Continue reading “TE Goes to Russia (July 2014)”

TE goes to Israel 2013

TE goes to Israel 2013

Back in August, as we were coming back from Temple Emanuel trip to Israel, I have asked the participants to write a line or two about their experience, so that I could share their words, their narratives and their emotions with the rest of TE. Below are some of those early impressions, a snapshot of … Continue reading “TE goes to Israel 2013”

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